About us


ATN Tomasz Korzan Specialist Translation Agency is one of the largest and longest-established translation agencies in Poznań. We have been offering translation services since July 1994. We began modestly, with translations from English and Russian. Today we can provide translation and interpreting (including sworn translations) from all European and non-European languages

As well as the typical European languages such as English, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish and French, we also offer less popular European languages such as Latvian and Hungarian, as well as very many languages from outside Europe. It is hard to find a language from which we would not be able to provide a translation. Our services also include translation from one foreign language to another.

Because of the large number of translators who work for us, including many from outside Poznań, we are able to provide written translation and interpreting services for customers in many towns and cities in Poland and abroad, to very short deadlines and for the best prices.

In the course of 26 years working in the translation market, we have learnt how to provide translations that ensure the customer’s satisfaction. Our agency is a modern firm with a wealth of experience.

We invite you to take a look at the services we offer. For any enquiry, we will produce a valuation free of charge.