Written translation


We offer written translation services in three categories:

  • Ordinary translation means translation done by one translator without any additional proofreading (verification by another specialist translator or native speaker). These translations may be documents for a company’s internal use, such as contracts, agreements, financial reports, commercial correspondence, e-mails, letters, as well as literary texts and translations of websites; please note that at our agency, operating instructions and difficult technical translations are also priced as ordinary translations.
  • Specialist translation means translation with proofreading (spelling, style, content) by one specialist translator or native speaker. Translations in this category are usually texts of high importance to the customer, containing specialist vocabulary from various fields, such as medicine, electronics, law, economics, etc.
  • Translation for publication means translation with double proofreading (spelling, style, content) by a specialist and a native speaker in the case of translation from Polish to a foreign language or a Polish language expert in the case of translation into Polish. Translation for publication is used for texts of key importance to the customer, usually being published or made available to a wider audience, for which it is important to eliminate any risk of errors.