We are currently seeking people with academic qualifications in technical subjects and with very good knowledge of English or German, and people able to work in the language combinations English–German, French, Italian and Spanish.

To work for the ATN Translation Agency you do not need to have years of experience or any special certificates. What we test above all in the recruitment process is the practical ability to translate texts.

Candidates should have wide-ranging encyclopaedic knowledge, a computer with Internet access, and the ability to format texts. Please send applications to

Candidates with more experience are encouraged to send marked fragments of their own translations in various fields, together with the original texts (up to 5 pages in each field), both into Polish and from Polish into a foreign language.

If for whatever reason you are not able to provide such samples, we will send you test translations by e-mail, which should be returned to us by the same route.

We do not require our translators to register their own business. Our agency has its own accounting section, which issues contracts for specific work (umowa o dzieło).